Friday, March 9, 2012

ARC of Knight of the Rose by A.M. Hudson

**Due to be release April 30**

My thoughts
Ara-Rose isn't happy that her vampire boyfriend is buying her ball dress. When Vicki wakes her up to go shopping she isn't in the best mood. And when she is force to spend David's money she isn't happy. She finds the perfect dress but it's thousand dollars. There is no way she will ever spend that much money on a dress that she will only wear one time. She decides to get the one that is cheaper and that she can buy. Too bad that her boyfriend can read minds and knows that she bought her own. They know that their time is coming close to an end. And she still has to decide what she is going to do. Live forever with David her soul mate or live without him and have a normal life. When some of her feels show for her best friend Mike she doesn't know what to do. Could Mike love her more than a friend? Could she have her happy ending with him?

Okay this book had me in tears for most of it! I love the relationship between Mike and Ara-Rose. I also love how he calls her baby all the time. And there is a story behind why he dose! You just have to read to find out! When you read Ara's heart break you feel it too. I love how A.M. Hudson wrote this book. Beware you will cry! I love every minute that I was reading. I didn't want to ever put it down! The only thing that sucks is that I have to wait to read more!! I highly recommend you read this! But you need to read the first one Tears of the Broken. Or you will be lost! 



  1. Glad to hear you liked it. Thanks so much for reading and thank you for the great review. P.S. Love your blog! It seems we have some of the same tastes in books. :)

  2. Aww thanks for loving my blog! I am in love with your books!I already got someone to buy your first!! And when you come to Vegas I will be there!!!!