Books I LOVE!

Cynthia Eden
She writes everything from romance suspends to vampires and werewolves. Her books are VERY addicting. Her Deadly series was the first I read, and the others quickly followed. 

Laurell K. Hamilton
My Favorite vampire series Anita Blake. I fell in love with vampires because of Laurell's books. She also has a series about faeries. But her Anita series stands out to me the most.


Megan Hart
Megan Hart writes all kinds of books, but she was the one to get me hook on Erotic Romance. She writes VERY sexy book with really sexy men! I love every book I have read of hers!

Richelle Mead
If you haven't read the Vampire Academy then you need to! She is one of the authors I can reread many times and not get bored. If you like Twilight the you will LOVE the Vampire Academy.

Carly Phillips
She writes romance and is easy to fall in love with. Most of her books are part of series, which I love. I love a great series with great characters and that is what you get with Carly's books. 

J.D. Robb
She is also known as Nora Roberts. This is one of my favorite series because it keeps the characters in the whole series. Eve is very easy to like and Roarke is very loveable! 

A.M. Hudson
She is a new author to me but is quickly becoming my FAVORITE! Her Dark Secret Series is wonderful! I can't wait to read more!   

 Brooke Moss writes love stores that makes you wanna believe in true love. She is quickly moving her way up to becoming my must read! 



  1. Great selection of books. The Lauren K Hamilton ones sound good. Might check 'em out.

  2. She is soooo GOOD! There is so many of them so be prepared to read for a couple of weeks! You should give her a try!!

  3. Hello-New follower:)
    Love some of your choices--especially Cynthia Eden and Richelle Mead.
    Here is my blog--mainly adult romance.

    1. Hello C.S.!!! Cynthia is my favorite! And I can never get tired of Richelle books :D Thank you for following me I am following you now! Thank you!


  4. Hi Khelsey! Ara here. Great blog, by the way. And your book choices are awesome ;D I actually have some of J.D. Robb's books on my TBR. ;) New follower, by the way - GFC and networked ;D

    1. I love JD Robb. But be warned it is a hard series to put down!!! Thank you for following!