Thursday, April 25, 2013

CC Hunter Blog stop!

I am completely in love with this series, to me it is the best YA series out there. The characters get to you and you connect with them so easily. And this book you FINALLY find out who Kylie will be with :)
In Chosen at Nightfall Kylie. . .
  1. …nearly kills Lucas twice.
  2. …has another boy become interested in her.
  3. …acquires another stalker.
  4. …is accused of having an affair with an older man.
  5. …has an unwanted guest crawl over a bathroom stall when she’s trying to pee.
  6. …gets kissed by two guys.
  7. …finally makes a choice of which boy she loves.
  8. …is forced to kill someone to save someone she loves

  1. …tells a human that she’s a supernatural.

  1. Discovers someone isn’t who they say they are.
  2. …gets caught buying pregnancy tests for someone.
  3. …Has another guy paying a pint of blood to spend an hour with her.
  4. …gets read the riot act by Burnett.

Chosen at Nightfall Blurb

When Kylie Galen entered Shadow Falls Camp, she left her old life behind forever and discovered a world more magical than she ever imagined. A place where you’re two best friends can be a witch and a vampire…and where love doesn’t happen the way you’d expect.
When Kylie’s most powerful enemy returns to destroy her once and for all, there’s only one way to stop him—to step into her full powers and make a stunning transformation that will amaze everyone around her.  But her journey won’t be complete until she makes one final choice…which guy to love.  Should she choose to the werewolf who broke her heart but will give anything to win her back, or the half-fae who ran from their attraction before they had a chance?  Everything she’s learned at Shadow Falls has been preparing her for this moment—when her fate will be revealed and her heart claimed forever.

My Review

Kylie Galen left Shadow Falls heart broken and confuse. She is living with her grandfather and the other chameleons’ in a compound. When she if found by Burnett, Derek and of course Lucas. She didn’t want to see the one that betrayed her, but agreed that she need to go back to the falls. Before she could make it there she finds herself along with two people she loves in danger with an old enemy. Burnett tells Kylie she is going to be shadowed again, and she can’t leave without him knowing. When a magical sword shows up and only wants to be around Kylie, that is when she is told she needs to be trained to use it and only one person is an expert the werewolf that broke her heart; Lucas. Will she be able to forgive Lucas and will she be able to save everyone she loves? My thoughts I cried when I got this book knowing it was the last book in this wonderful series. When I started reading I was hooked just like the others. I don’t want to give anything away but you will find out everything you want to know about this series. You will finally find out who she truly loves Lucas (I am so team Lucas ;) ) or Derek. I love how CC Hunter ended her series, I do wish for more but it was a perfect ending that had me in tears! I always have people ask me what series they should read and Shadow Falls is always my number one choice. I will say get ready for an adventure, this final book is packed with it! I will say my favorite part is the ending

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