Saturday, October 27, 2012

Undefeated by Armada West


Julian Moore is the Cinderella man of the modern era. An undefeated boxer from Scotland, a true story of rags to riches for a man who would sacrifice anything to care for his younger sister. His fights have brought him a long way from home. He's found himself in Boston with the hopes of catapulting himself into the international spotlight - except he hadn't expected to meet someone like Rhiannon. He may end up losing it all before he's even begun, or will he go on undefeated?

My Review
Julian Moore is the undefeated boxer from Scotland, he went from having nothing to having everything. He doesn’t look like your average boxer, he is far too pretty, and he knows it just like anyone that sees him. When Rhiannon first sees him she is hypnotized, he takes her breath away.

I read this book fast, but loved every second of it. It may be short but Armada West doesn’t skip of any detail, you will be dreaming of Moore. You will be left wanting Moore! I HIGHLY recommend this book, so what are you waiting for?

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