Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gabrielle Bisset interview and Giveaway!

Hello, and thank you for this interview.
Thank you for having me here today.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
I work full time teaching college history courses, in addition to home schooling my son, so I only get to write at night. I usually write for a few hours each night or until I'm ready to fall asleep.

What is the weirdest question someone has asked you?
Someone asked me if the sex I write in my books could possibly be that good. I think I might have blushed and told her I truly could say it could be.

Do you write to anything, like music or the TV?
I always have Sirius radio on when I write. Usually it's the classic rock station. It's more background noise than anything, but I need it to break up the silence.

What scene stands out the most to you?
I think the scene that stands out the most for me in Blood Spirit is one I can't talk about since it would give too much of the story away. But I will say that when I wrote this scene, I cried like a baby.

Do you have a favorite character?
I fall in love with each of my heroes, so I'd have to say my favorite character from Blood Spirit is Terek. He's so sensual, yet so spiritual. I love that combination! I find that kind of passion and dedication for ideals very sexy.

Can you tell us a little about Blood Spirit?
Blood Spirit is the third book in the Sons of Navarus series, and it's Terek's story. Terek was made a vampire in the mid-1300s when he was a monk, but that spiritual side to him has never gone away. He's had the ability to read minds for centuries, and he's used it to seduce many women, including the thousands of vampires he's sired. All that changes when he meets Ilona. She doesn't want to be his vampire, and he can't seem to hear her thoughts. He's forced to rely on his heart with her, something he hasn't done in 700 years. While he's dealing with his feelings for a woman who's unlike anyone else he's met in so long, he and the other Sons must work to defeat the Archons before they complete their takeover of the vampire world. It's a big story and another step toward the ultimate showdown between the Sons of Navarus and the Archons.

Who are some of your favorite authors?
I'm a huge fan of Marie Treanor, Gena Showalter, and JR Ward. Outside my genre, I spend my time with the classics I loved to study in school.

If you had a chance to write with any author, who would you pick?
Wow! I think I would love to write with Gena Showalter. She has a wonderful sense of the darkness in characters. I enjoy that in her writing.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I love to hear from readers. They can find me at my website, my blog, Facebook, the Sons of Navarus Facebook page (where I give info on upcoming books and stories in addition to running giveaways) and Twitter. Or they can always email me at gabriellebisset@gmail.com

Thanks so much for having me here today to talk about Blood Spirit and the Sons series. It's been great!

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