Sunday, June 10, 2012

Interview with Vampire Knight

I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with the handsome David Knight. He is so nice and very secretive. I can see why Ara fell so hard for him. Here is my interview.

So David, can you tell us about yourself?
I can, but I’d have to kill you. Ha ha ha. Uh, no, but seriously, it’s against Set rules to talk specifics about my vampire self. But I can tell you I'm a nice guy.

Who are some of your favorite bands?
Uh, do you have a longer piece of paper? Ha ha. If I had to list my top five I’d say, in this decade, Muse, Karnivool, Tool, uh, probably a bit of Coldplay right now, actually, and can’t have a top five list without 30 Seconds to Mars. And just quietly, between you and I, I’ve just started getting into Keith Urban. If you asked me this same question in the twenties, I'm sure I’d have said King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. I was a bit of a swinger. Or if you asked about the sixties I’d say “There was a sixties?”

Why did you fall in love with Ara even knowing it will basically kill her when you have to leave?
It wasn’t optional. I mean, have you seen her? She lights up my world. I was doomed the day that girl was born. I think we should be asking her how she can so cruelly have existed just to taunt me. Ha ha ha.
But, uh, yeah, I knew I loved her the minute I saw her. Never intended to tell her I was leaving. I was just gonna kiss her goodbye and go. And I knew she’d be okay, you know, girls usually are, but…I couldn't do it. Once I’d fallen for her, it wouldn’t have mattered if I had to leave, if the Set would beat down my door and peel my skin off, it was a larger force driving me to be with her, and I just had no control over it. I did care that she’d get hurt by my loving her, but I just couldn't not love her.

Why did you leave the rose for her when you knew she was getting married?
Ha ha, uh, I actually came back for her—rose and all—man on his knees, begging her to run away with me. And she uh—well, she was happy. I heard her thoughts, watched her for a while, and she seemed to be moving on. You know, she had a clear head and then she said goodbye…and I knew she’d be okay. I knew she’d moved on, and that I was just left in this world where she loved me—alone.

Do you like Mike?
Ha! Which version of Mike? Nah, he’s my bro. I gotta say, when I first heard about this best friend of Ara’s I was a bit worried, you know, since she seemed to be the only one who didn't know how she felt about him. And then he called me that day, asked me what the hell I’d done to her, and I got a sense then that he loved her the way I did. Ever since, I had a newfound respect for him. I can’t say I like him being around her, but if I had to pick anyone to watch over her while I'm not around, it’d be him. Then, after we hung out more, when Ara was in the coma, we just…I don’t know, we just seemed to get along really well, and uh—well, like I said, he’s my bro.

If you could pick a song that describes you and Ara what would it be?
Oh boy. So many. Do they have one called Chaos and Disaster? Ha ha ha. Uh, but seriously, right now? What About Now by Daughtry.

How did you feel when you heard about Ara and Mike getting married?
It was what I wanted for her. I tried to be all noble and tell myself it was for the best. But…well, I may or may not have been directly responsible for some destruction caused around the city that night. A few arrests were made. Safe to say they never got their man, though. Ha ha ha. I just couldn’t believe she’d actually done it. I knew I told her to, I knew she had it in her but I guess I kinda thought her love for me would come through in the end. I mean, I hoped with all my heart that it didn’t, because she needed to move on and be happy without me. But, it broke something in me when she accepted his proposal, and I'm not sure….oh, man, sorry, this is hard for me. I'm not sure I’ll ever get that piece of myself back.

What is the deal with you and Emily?
We’re friends. Pretty platonic. There’s a story there, but she’ll tell you that one in book five. Can’t promise I’ll be around for that one.

I heard that you weren’t too nice before Ara, can you tell us why?
Yeah, I uh, I didn’t get the human compassion thing. You guys were just like annoying toys to me; I used you for fun, bit of sex, that’s pretty much it. So, you know, bullying and murder? That stuff was just free entertainment. No offence.

I know that you lost your parents a long time ago, but can you share a good memory with us?
A good memory? Of my family? Yeah, sure. When I was six, my dad loved sailboats. He wasn’t good at many things, but he was good at making sailboats—little ones that would fit in the palm of your hand. He taught Jason and I how to make the hole for the sail, how to string it up, tie a piece off at one end so you could steer the boat from the shore, and he’d take us out to the lake, spend all day with us until the sun went down, just sailing those little boats. And Jason wasn’t much good at it; he sunk his. He’d spent two weeks painting it with these little soldiers on the side, and told me he was going to grow up and be one of those soldiers. When the boat sunk, he knelt by the shore, writing the names of each man that died in the sand. And I sat with him; let him tell me about their homes and their wives. I offered him my boat, but he said you couldn’t replace what was lost—that you had to learn to just move on. And he got up, kicked the names out of the sand and walked away.

Can you tell us why you stood Ara up at the ball?
I was at a meeting. Seriously. I can’t give too many details, you know, you find out more in book three, but, yeah, I was ready to go, tux and all. And I wasn’t going for the last dance; she’d made up her mind, she was marrying Mike, I was going to say goodbye. But this meeting got called in and I had to go. It was for a greater purpose. By the time the meeting was over and I was in my car—headed to find her, I got the call from Mike saying she was…in hospital.

If you could go back and change anything would you or would you keep it the way it was?
That’s a tough one. Actually, no, it’s not. It’s easy. Yes. Goddamn it, I would. I’d go back, and when my uncle was about to change my brother into a vampire, I stab him through his goddamn heart! That’s what I’d change.

We know that Ara struggled with self-esteem. Do you feel she has finally reached a place in her life where she is content with herself?
I'm not sure she ever will. Deep down inside, she questions herself all the time; questions everything people mean to her and then why they mean that. Then she questions what she thinks she means to them, and why. It’s an endless cycle, and all I can do is hold her hand through it. But at least some of her self-doubt has lifted, enough that I don't feel like shaking her quite so often.

Would you have fallen for Ara had she been unattractive?
Well, yeah, of course. Because it’s not her looks that drew me to her. It was how sweet she was and how innocent. It was a chemical attraction first—the reason I looked up; the reason I even looked in her direction. So, yeah. And, you gotta remember, by most people’s standards, Ara’s not even pretty, you know, with the scars and all. She’s beautiful to me, and when I look at her, I can’t breathe. I mean, I’d still love her if I was blind or if she had been captured by my Set and they peeled her face off. I’ve seen that done before. It was one of the things I was worried about. So, yeah, I'm not too fussed by looks. It’s what's inside that I wanna wake up next to every morning.

What did you think of Ara when you first saw her?
Uh, well, there was that first moment I saw her on the driveway with her dad; she’d just arrived and was standing there looking up at the house. I thought Wow, you know, I’ve never seen a girl wear a dress that pretty—not a teenage girl, anyway. But, when I first saw her face-to-face, when Mr. Benson introduced her, I just couldn’t stop laughing, because she was so much prettier than I expected, and she obviously thought I was too. I was just overjoyed, you know, that she actually liked me. I kind of just wanted to grab her hand and ask her to skip school with me, so we could sit by the lake, eat grapes and talk about stuff that never mattered to me before. Suddenly I had this urge to know all those little things about her—even down to what her favorite color was or how she liked her pasta cooked.

I will say this again I do have Knight Fever! I hope you enjoyed my interview with the handsome David Knight. xoxox Khelsey


  1. Excellent. I speak for David when I say he thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with him.

  2. Just throwing this out there, but David can let the cat out of the bag. Us fans clearly know about his set. I think its sweet of him to say such pretty thing but underneath this facade is a monster, even bigger than Jason and its just begging to come out. I'm quite sure the next book will fill us all in. :)

  3. I still love Jason more, I now he and David have horrible pasts but David just seems like all his secrets are life or deth???? I think Ara should end up with Jason I now he did some horrible things in the past but hes a better man then David. AND ARA DOESN'T DESERVE ANY OF THEM LET ALONE DAVID!!!!!

  4. Not sure how I'm just finding out about this interview! I would have gone nuts if I read it back in June- I really need to find a David of my own!! LOL Great interview Khelsey and Angie, hmm, I mean David!! Listen, David, if you're reading this, if the whole Ara/David thing doesn't work out- give me a call, I'll leave my number with Angie ;)

  5. I just don't like David anymore! The first two books I was fighting for them to be together, but now that we've gotten to know Jason.....

    Lets just say I'm TEAM JASON & ARA now. Honestly, I think that David and Emily should get together, and Mike needs to go to anger management. Then, he can find a love interest.

  6. I am patiently waiting for book #5. But I am also worried that Ara and David won't end up together. I think they are made for one another. She has obviously changed him and made him a better person. Jason needs to get out of the picture-and uncle Author needs to go with him. If she doesn't end up with David then Mike would be the best one for her.

    1. I totally agree with you!! The whole "Jason's a sweet heart and David's evil(in my opinion) is ridiculous!!" He tried to kill her and also made her fall in love wih him, but Amara won't seem to get that through her head.

    2. When I got to the end of book four, I was growling wanting the next one!!! I only just discovered this lovely little world of Amara's, (this past week! and have read them all!!) and am looking forward to seeing how this all ends up tying together. I still can't help but wonder about her dad..... Vampirie maybe?

  7. is david even real if he is where dose he live i love him

  8. team david sexy indeed

  9. I know this is super late, but I just read this! I love David and I love Jason, but in no way do I want things to get so twisted that David ends up with someone else or even Jason and Mike! I remember in the first book when Ara and David at are the lake and there is that moment when she feels dizzy and stuff. That occurred because they are soulmates! You can't just say that in the first book and then maybe have Ara end up with Jason! I love Jason too (especially the way he treated her when they had sex), but it's been identified that David and Ara are soulmates, so I don't think or want anything to change. By the way, love this series, I just reread the i :)