Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book of the Month

This month’s Book of the Month goes to............

The Hearts Ashes by A.M. Hudson. I love this whole series. Book one hooks you in with the first line, and by the end of this book you are screaming for more. The Hearts Ashes is book 3 in the series. Now most of us judge a book by its cover and A.M.’s covers are amazing.  So if you haven’t read this series them you have to get it now~!!


About the Author
A.M. Hudson started writing full-time
After her third child.
She lives a more than ordinary life in
Australia with her husband and children.
When she's not writing, she sings in a
Duo or can be found under a pile of books.

You can follow A.M. Hudson on Twitter,
Facebookor Blogspot for updates, to ask
questions and to enter competitions.

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