Sunday, March 4, 2012

Run from Fear by Jami Alden

With each step she takes, he tracks her every move, waiting for the perfect time. The perfect revenge. Until then, he’ll watch her…

More than anything, Talia Vega wanted to leave behind her harrowing past. Moving 800 miles away, she succeeded . . . until the one man who knows her darkest secrets wanders into the restaurant where she works. Now the agonizing memories come crashing back—along with an undeniable desire for Jack Brooks, the ex-Green Beret who rescued her from a sadistic monster two years ago.

Jack Brooks knows that showing up unannounced is a purely selfish move. Talia doesn’t need his protection anymore, but he can’t get the raven-haired beauty out of his mind. And when a twisted madman is hell-bent on resurrecting her tortuous past, Jack vows to do anything to keep her safe--even risk his own life to save the only woman he’s ever loved

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My Thoughts
Talia Vega has been running from her past for two years and Jack Brooks was the one to pull her out of her hell. Talia can't leave her past in the past. When she is working and Jack shows up for the first time in two years. She wonders why now. She was just getting her life on tack. Her sister Rose thinks of him a god. Later that night when Rose and Talia are home and the alarm is set and it goes off. They lock themselves in a room and Rose secretly calls Jack and when he shows up, he tells Talia that she needs to upgrade her alarm system. She tells him that she can't afford it and he offers to pay it or do it for free. She won't have any of that and tells him no. When Talia and Rose return home from the gym they find Jack and a few men putting in a new alarm system. She freaks out and can't believe that he went behind her back. When Jack points out that someone tried to break in the night before she quickly changes her mind. When more things start to show up from her horrible past she turns to the only man she has ever trusted with her life. The problem is can she trust him with her heart?

I really like how this books leaves you guessing who is stalking Talia. And I also love she can take care of herself. She has been training and now knows how to defend herself. The love that Jack has for Talia makes my heart melt! This book has everything for action to steamy love scenes! I highly recommend this book to anyone that like Cynthia Eden's Deadly series! 


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