Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ember by Madison Daniel

Ember (Book one)

 Love never dies...but it can kill.

Ember is the story of Max Valentine, a teenager with secret abilities and many inner demons. His life revolves around music and his love for it. When his father dies he seeks answers with his last living relative, his fathers brother Frank. Frank lives on the island of Maui and eagerly takes Max in as his own. Max soon learns that healing his past will be more difficult than he could have ever believed. Two major complications will tempt and torment him as he tries to make sense of his abilities.

The first temptation comes in the form of a mysterious island girl. Asia Lyn Michaels is rich, spoiled, angry and beautiful. Her path crosses with Max on the beach one afternoon, forever changing both of their lives. Max saves her life and she discovers his secret. From that moment on they are connected, no matter how much they fight it.

The second temptation will test Max’s very soul. Samantha Ann Summers is sweet, artistic, smart and confident. She will help Max find his smile again and maybe even heal his past mistakes. She is possibly his soul mate and Max will fight that with every fiber of his being.

Max’s temper and indecision with the girls will send in motion events that will cost him dearly. He will test the limits of his powers and the new relationship with his protective uncle. He will gain a powerful love and lose another

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My Thoughts
Max Valentine isn't normal and blames himself for what happened with his sister. When his father passes he moves to Hawaii to live with his uncle. His first day there he is stun when he sees a dark hair beauty. When his uncle tells him about a beach that no one ever goes to, decides to check it out. As he is playing with is gift he sees the dark hair beauty and she is hurt. He safes her. For his first day of school a beautiful blond that says she is there to pick him up. Samantha Ann Summers or just Sam, is truly beautiful. Max is almost speechless when her blue eyes pin him. But he isn't just tempted just by her there is Asia Lyn Michaels, the dark hair beauty that he saved. She seems to have a secret too. Which one will he love?

I started reading this book and I was hooked right away. I haven't read too many male authors and Madison Daniel doesn't disappoint me! The love that is between the characters makes my heart-melt. I also love that it is written in a males POV. Max is easy to fall for, and so are his girls. Asia is the bad girl that is said to be curse, and Sam is the girl next door that everyone loves. One of my friends told me to read this book and I wasn't sure about it. Once I started read I didn't want to put it down! The best thing is the author is a sweetheart! He cares what his fans think, and loves to hear from them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book! So go and read! You will love the burn!

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