Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interview with Carly Phillips!!

Carly, thank you so much for taking the time to join me today!

Thanks for having me!

Please tell the viewers a little bit about yourself.

Oh, let’s see. Things that aren’t obvious – I’m a stay at home mom who talks nonstop about her dogs, of which I have two, Bailey a 4 year old Wheaten Terrier and Brady a one year old Havanese. I’m an avid reader, I love the Internet and social media, hanging out online, and writing! On paper, I’m a New York Times Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance. 

What is a typical writing day like for you?

On a good day? I’m up at six, get my youngest (high schooler) out the door by seven, and I like to be writing by 9 AM. If can do that, I let myself have more of a life. If not, I spend much more of the day in front of the computer. That’s my ideal schedule but in reality, I write when I have time, when inspiration strikes, when deadline is near, etc. If I’m home, I’m on the computer, which means working even if I’m not writing – publicity and stuff, which includes Facebook and Twitter (such a hardship, LOL!) Yes, I love what I do!

What is one thing you can't live without?

My family – that includes my husband, two girls, two dogs, and my parents. Oops found a loophole – a way to include more than one person in my answer, LOL. Then my writing, my laptop, my cell phone, my Kindle … uh oh. ;)

What made you want to be an author?

When I discovered Romance as a genre, I found exactly what I wanted to read all the time – that led to going back and discovering author’s backlist books, and then somehow that led to “I want to try this!” Once I started, I knew I was hooked!

Out of all of your books, what scene stands out to you the most?

Oh wow. What a question! At the moment, it’s in DESTINY, the scene where Kelly confronts her mother outside her sister’s school. For some reason that really resonated with me because everyone in her life – even Nash, the hero who knew he ought to be angry at her for something – came together to protect her and Tess. I guess I liked the emotion of it all. I think the answer would change depending on what series I was immersed in at any given time.

Can you tell us a little bit about your series?
Serendipity is the name of both the series and the first book set in a fictional small town in upstate New York. At the center of the town is the landmark Harrington Mansion, the epitome of wealth and privilege.The series introduces readers to the estranged Barron brothers, brought together by a teenage sister they didn't know they had and family drama they haven't yet put to rest. These books tap deeper into emotions than my more recent books while keeping the trademark sensuality and light moments my readers expect. Book one, Serendipity 9/11 is the story of Ethan Barron, the "bad boy" oldest brother. Ethan returns home after ten years and finds himself tempted by the girl who was too good for him in high school, but now their social status are reversed, as he now owns the Harrington mansion - in which she grew up. At heart, Serendipity is the story of a man who is looking for redemption and a woman in search of a place to belong.Next up is Nash Barron, in Destiny (out now), wherein he has to come to terms with who he really is and how people see him before he can commit to the woman he loves, and then Dare Barron in Karma (May 2012).
I'm so excited about this series and I hope readers really respond to the town and the characters, all of whom I already love.  I plan to continue to write about the town and people in Serendipity in three book arcs,  and continue to spin on to other characters in the town readers have already met within the pages.

How do you come up with your ideas?

The most often asked question and the hardest for me to answer! Everywhere – from a real life situation that I spin off with my imagination to an article in a magazine, a character on a television show or soap opera … you name it, it’s fodder!

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on untitled SERENDIPITY BOOK # 4 – which introduces readers to the cops of Serendipity and the Marsden Family – you’ll meet Officer Sam Marsden in Karma, along with Officer Cara Hartley – who is the heroine to Sam’s older brother, Mike … these books will be HOT  And you’ll get to revisit Serendipity characters!

Who are some of your favorite authors?
I LOVE my author friends and I love reading their books – so my plotmonkeys, Janelle Denison, Julie Leto, Leslie Kelly. Jill Shalvis, Tony Blake, Lauren Dane. Larissa Ione, Nalini Singh’s Psy series, Jennifer Ashley’s shifters … I could go on and on!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for having me here! I’d love for readers to know that I'm always around on social media. I love Twitter and Facebook and if you post, I will answer! So please join me, friend me, Tweet me, Like me, or whatever else it's called these days!
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  1. thanks for the great interview ,I'll be reading that new series!

  2. Khelsey, I do have to say I have enjoyed your interviews and posts, as I said I am always looking to expand my arsenal of reading material so these have been very interesting, keep up the good work! Looking forward to checking out some new authors and books.

    1. If you like books that are in series then Her books are for you! You should read Hot Stuff! :D

    2. And thank you! I love doing them!!